We can provide you with a range of services so as to make you run at the front and stay there.

  • Kart Preparation: Your chassis can be prepared to the best available standard you require with a complete availability of spares from MS Kart. The kart will be ready to race and with our knowledge of the best set ups for a particular track and its conditions that are likely on race day.
  • Transportation: We can transport up to 10 chassis, which are all race tuned and ¬†prepared to run on any circuit in the country, ready for you to drive.
  • Awning Space: On practice and race days we have awning space available for the fine tuning and adjustments for karts that run under our support services and will keep you dry!.
  • Premium Race Rental Packages: Whilst owner driver has been the traditional method of running a kart, there are rental packages available for races. There is no difference in these karts performance as they are set up identically, with all the spares replenishment necessary to give you a race winning package. ¬†